Jen Ashcraft

Jen Ashcraft

professional hair designer

Jen recalls wanting to be a hairdresser as far back as she can remember, and enjoys creating a look and making people look great. 

When someone walks away from her chair with a confident smile on their face, jen feels fulfilled and on purpose. She started beauty school in 1995, then applied for her dream job, but they were not hiring at the time.

She began her career at a temporary salon, and after four long months, she was finally awarded an opening at her goal salon. from there she began her apprenticeship at magnum opus, graduated after six months and continued on there for the next eight years, during which she received some of the best education available, including: goldwell color, tigi cutting, the french haircutting technique, yosh, bumble and bumble cutting, razor cutting techniques, and michael cole inspirations. About 5 years ago, she decided to venture out on her own and just recently joined nurture team. 

Jen finds herself at peace at nurture, and her clients seem to as well. After about 15 years in the hair profession, she is confident in her technical skills as a hairdresser and she is now learning more about nurturing her clients from the inside out…

Jen looks forward to many more years of applying her skills, connecting with new clients and creating amazing designs for those who grace her chair.