How to Apply the ‘Heart Design’ This Valentine

The most awaited day in the year is just a month away. Yes, we refer to Valentine’s day, when you can have a fantastic time with your beloved. Of course, you would love to look at your best on this day. Decorating your nails is a crucial aspect of your Valentine’s day preparations. In addition, you would love to have attractive designs that exhibit your love for your partner. There cannot be a better design than the ‘Heart’ design to express your love on Valentine’s day.

How to Apply the ‘Heart Design’ This Valentine

Let us learn how to apply the ‘Heart Design’ using SNS colors. This blog details the procedure.

Before starting with your Heart Design manicure, you should keep your apparatus ready. Here are the things you need.

  1. A sterilized nail kit with all its tools
  2. SNS dipping powders
  3. Base bond, basecoat, topcoat, activator
  4. Aluminum foil, dotting tool

This procedure should take around 45 minutes. Hence, you should spare sufficient time to get the heart design on your nails. In addition, it is advisable to buy SNS dipping powder as it ensures a high-quality manicure.

The Procedure – In Detail

You start your manicure in the usual way by prepping your nails for the job. It involves cutting, shaping, and filing your nails properly. Wipe the debris off the nails with a piece of cloth dipped in alcohol. It cleanses and disinfects your nail. You should remember to take care of your cuticles. The ideal procedure is to gently push the cuticles into their grooves using a cuticle pusher. Many women make the error of cutting their cuticles. It is not advisable because it can damage them and cause injuries.

You can use your sterilized nail buff to rough up the nail surface to allow the basecoat to stick properly. Once your preparation is over, you can apply the base bond on the nail and allow it to dry completely. It will not take more than a couple of minutes.

Apply a thin layer of basecoat and dip your fingernail into the SNS color of your choice. It is better to have a light color, like nude or pink. It will enhance the heart design further. However, it depends on your preferences. You can choose from the exciting SNS colors range on display. You should ensure that the nail polish does not get on the cuticles. If the polish gets on the cuticles, it can cause lifting of the nail manicure after some time. Use a sterilized brush to dust off the excess powder from your nails.

Take a square aluminum foil and place a small dot of basecoat on it. Next, use the nail dotting tool to create a heart-shaped design on the nail. You should ensure that the dotting nail tool is disposable or easily cleanable with acetone.

Pick up a scoop of your favorite SNS color and pour it over the heart design. It is good to use a contrasting color. For example, if you had used the nude or pink powder earlier, you go for a dark red colored heart design.

Then, you can apply the activator to the powder and allow it to harden. Now, you can proceed to shape your nails according to your preferences. Finally, you can use a clean cloth or wipe saturated in alcohol to wipe your nails clean.

You can apply a second coat of the activator over the entire nail and allow the nails to dry. The drying time is not more than three to five minutes.

Once your nails are dry, you can apply the topcoat sealer and wait for it to dry. It will take around two minutes to dry. If you want a glossy finish, you can apply a second layer of topcoat. Allow the layer to dry, and you have your heart design ready for display.

Depending on your preferences, you can repeat the procedure on all your fingernails. Similarly, you can have different designs if you wish. You can also try out heart designs with different colors on all your nails. However, you should ensure to use contrasting colors. The best aspect of dipping powder nail manicures is that they last comfortably for up to three to four weeks.

Thus, you have sufficient time to master the technique and teach it to others, as well. First, however, you should buy SNS nail powder as it ensures a high-quality finish every time.

Final Words

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to impress your loved one. The heart design on your nails can prove to be the ideal attraction. Now that you know how to create beautiful designs on your nails, you can use your creative imagination and experiment with different color and design combinations. It is an excellent feeling to create your designs and impress your partner.