NuGenesis Dipping System

The fashion world and the nail care and fashion industry have made innovations, and various brands try to keep up with the trend. One of such brands poised with the responsibility to give the best in terms of nail care products is NuGenesis. They have various products, ranging from conventional acrylics, gel polish, and much more, and all these nail care procedures require time and expertise. However, the latest introduction, NuGenesis dipping powder, is unique and time-efficient. This product guarantees beautiful nail care in a short time.

The system of Nail dipping has been in existence for a couple of years. However, it is gaining more popularity with social media increasing its online presence. This nail care system has gained more fame, not just because of it being a new system, but there are lots of advantages it provides compared to other products.

You can choose to go far other nail alternatives such as regular nail polish, gel-type, dip powder polish, and gel. But, this nail dipping system has won the hearts of many with its exciting features. So people tend to patronize this nail care alternative that is increasing by the day.

NuGenesis dipping powder is the answer to beautiful and naturally attractive nails. You can’t go wrong with this product. If you love regular acrylic and liquid gel, then this nail dipping system will wow you.

This product was developed by experts in the nail and beauty industry and is guaranteed natural, safe, and environmentally-friendly. They offer products of the best quality.

What makes the NuGenesis Dipping Powder system unique?

NuGenesis nails is processed organically and is a combination of liquids, rich in Vitamin E and Calcium. Its contents are safe and healthy for the nails, making it durable, flexible, and giving it a long-lasting shiny finish, different from gel polish. This product is odorless, non-toxic, and there are no hazardous components such as primers. You can quickly dry this nail care product using air, unlike gel polish, that needs an LED lamp or UV light in its curing.

It lasts long on the nails; thus, it makes for healthy growth and maintenance of the nails and beds. Nail enthusiasts who have used NuGenesis Dipping Powder believe that it made their nails look healthier and more natural with each application. Reason being that this product contains ingredients that help in the growth of healthy nails. It is effortless to use NuGenesis Dip powder as you can even handle this as an amateur or nonprofessional in nail care. Below is an overview of how you can achieve this.

  • Clean your hands and fingers properly before applying a base coat. Remember to file your fingers as well, so you eliminate dead cuticles or particles from nail coatings or painting done previously.
  • Then, shape your nails and shorten them as you wish. When your surface is ready, apply NuGenesis Prep liquid to your nails, and air dries the nails.
  • Next, apply Nail Base Gel from NuGenesis on your nail surface, and dip your nails in any NuGenesis Dipping Powder of your choice.
  • Apply the base gel for the second time, and dip into this nail dipping system. Ensure all your nails are appropriately dipped and covered with powder.
  • A third application is essential. You apply the base gel and dipping powder, especially for people with soft nails. To get a glossy and shiny finish, allow bonding and firm holding of the dipping powder on your nails.
  • Next, apply activator liquid on each nail and leave for about 30 seconds to dry.
  • In the finishing process, the buffing of the nail is required. Then, waah the nails using water before making another application of a second activator liquid coat.
  • Last but not least, apply NuGenesis nail finish gel on your nails twice and leave to dry for two minutes.

When you follow these simple procedures, you get the best form of NuGenesis dip nails and healthy nails to last you a long while.

How is NuGenesis Dipping Powder removed?

Having all these nail coatings, you may be wondering how to remove it after sticking on your nails for about four weeks without chipping or cracking. The removal is not so difficult. Although the time frame required in its application is almost that of gel nail polish (although there’s lesser air-drying time compared to UV or LED light curing in gel), you can get rid of NuGenesis Dip nails quickly.

All you need is a regular polish remover; you can use one with an acetone base or non-acetone base. Other components include a foil and cotton; then, you have your nails clean in no time. Soak cotton in nail polish remover, wrap each nail with a piece of the soaked cotton, and a foil. Leave for about 10 to 15 minutes, to allow the nails soften. The nail coating will come off the nail surfaces. At intervals, check if the nail coatings have left the nail surface. Then, apply moisturizer to your hand and nails so that they moisten and make up for lost moisture from the nails and skin as a result of removing the nail polish.

Some benefits of NuGenesis Dipping Powder include:

  • Low maintenance required
  • It is flexible and lightweight
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • Water and chip resistant.
  • Gives a natural look and feel
  • Enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E
  • It is strong and durable
  • Does not require UV light in curing
  • There are no harmful primers present
  • Application is easy and comfortable
  • It gives a healthier nail bed and encourages natural nail growth
  • Lasting color and finish


NuGenesis nails are your solution to quick, easy, and beautiful nails. Not only are they healthy and long-lasting, but they also offer an excellent finish and natural look. Get one of these today and join the team of happy nail enthusiasts.