Tips to Take Care of Acne Prone Skin Using a Minimalistic Routine

Acne prone skin is the most commonly occurring skin type ever. It is not only hard to take care of but also makes it very difficult to apply makeup. For taking care of acne prone skin, it is very important to first know the causes and symptoms of acne. In this way, you can pinpoint the issue and adopt skin care accordingly.

Tips to Take Care of Acne Prone Skin

To take care of acne prone skin, you don’t need to have a very lengthy process. Just go with a very precise but useful skin care routine. Keep reading to know more about the topic.

Causes of acne

Acne could be caused by a number of reasons. It can be due to any skin disease or drug interaction. It can also be a consequence of using expired or low quality makeup products which trigger the skin cells causing them to break out. Another main reason for acne is environmental exposure which leads to build up of impurities, ultimately leading to clogging of pores and acne outbursts.

Symptoms of acne

Acne can be manifested in a number of ways. In most cases, it occurs in the form of apparent red or pinkish pimples or bumps. These pimples could also be surrounded by inflamed areas. Acne can also be filled with pus or blood depending on the severity. If not taken care of properly, acne can also lead to bleeding.

Best skincare for acne prone skin

Now coming towards the care of acne prone skin.

Firstly, this type of skin needs to be cleared very often in order to get rid of triggering agents that can cause outbreaks. In order to achieve this goal, you need to use a good quality cleanser that eliminates any clogged agent from your skin.

Secondly, use of a moisturizer is a must for everyone who is prone to acne. Keeping your skin well moisturized can help in eliminating oil production, which is one of the main reasons for breakouts.

Use of creams that are formulated using salicylic or linoleic acid is very helpful in reducing acne. You can incorporate these in your day or night cream to get the best results.

Next comes serums. Acne prone skin is vulnerable to develop scars after the acne is eliminated. In order to get rid of them, use of the best serums for acne scars is highly recommended. These help you in getting a smooth and flawless skin without any signs of acne.

Lastly, make sure you use a mask once a week. It will help in treating your acne slowly but effectively. Your nutrient deficiencies will also be fulfilled in this way.

Make your body look fresh and healthy

Nowadays, very helpful and innovative products are being introduced in the market.

One such product is acne body spray. Sometimes acne spots appear not only on the face but also on the body such as the back, shoulders or lower body. If you are using the best acne body spray, it will remove your acne by just one puff of the product, leaving behind a clear and beautiful skin all over your body. It will give a fresh and radiant look to the skin without giving the slightest hint of acne.

You can also use essential oils such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil or lemon oil to make your skin look healthier. These oils provide necessary nourishment to your skin which helps in eliminating any deficiencies that might be contributing to acne.


A minimalistic routine for taking care of acne can do wonders for you. Once you have pointed out and corrected all the causes of acne, there is nothing that can stop you from having nice and healthy skin.