Tips Apply OPI Gel Polish for Beginner

Though nail polishes may come and go along with the seasons, one type of nail manicure has been continuing for ages. Yes, we refer to gel polish. The greatest advantage of gel polish manicure is that it is the easiest procedure to master. Anyone with a bit of dedication and practice can master this art. However, if you are a beginner, you are prone to make mistakes. These tips can help you avoid such mishaps and have a perfect gel manicure.

Tips Apply OPI Gel Polish

Quality should never take a back seat

Different gel polishes are available on the market. Some of them are dead cheap. You should be careful about such manicures because they tend to compromise with the quality aspect. It is always beneficial to go for quality products like OPI gel polish. The benefit is that you get long-lasting and healthy manicures to show off on your Instagram handles.

Cleaning your nails before the manicure is crucial

OPI gel polish looks great on clean and dry nails. Even a speck of dust or nail debris can show on your gel manicure. The trick to have an impeccable gel polish manicure is to ensure clean nails before beginning the process. After filing and buffing your nail, it is better to use a clean, lint-free wipe soaked in alcohol to sanitize your hands and remove all traces of debris.

It is a good idea to clean around your cuticle and the sides. Any debris on your nail tends to stick to the nail polish rather than the nail. It is a sure recipe for disaster.

Shake your gel polish well before use

OPI has a unique formula where the polish’s heavier contents tend to sink to the bottom, leaving the less concentrated portion to fill the top. Hence, one should ensure to shake the bottle well to allow complete mixing of all the ingredients. Paint shakers are available for you to make use of.

Take proper care of your cuticles

The golden rule of a DIY gel manicure is to avoid polish getting into your cuticles and the sides of the nail. You can wipe it off easily before curing. However, a better strategy is to apply skin cream or Aquaphor over your cuticles to prevent gel polish from sticking to them. You can use small cotton buds dipped in acetone to remove any traces of polish that accidentally spills over to your skin.

Short strokes are the order of the day

As you apply gel polish on your nails, it is better to use short strokes, especially around the edges and the cuticle. It is comfortable to control short strokes as it helps to get even lines around the nail edges. The first OPI gel color coat is a crucial one. Once that is down, it becomes easy to keep other coats in those lines.

Thin layers bring out the beauty of gel polish

If you are accustomed to having acrylic or lacquer polish, you will start having thick gel polish lines. It is not necessary at all. Gel polish needs thin layers as compared to other nail polish manicures. If you have thick layers, they tend to accumulate near the cuticles and edges. That can be hard to remove.

Capping the edges is critical

It is vital to cap the edges after painting the nail. It prevents the gel polish layer from lifting. Thus, you have a long-lasting manicure. While it is essential to cap the free edges on every coat, it is important to do so with the base and topcoats.

Remove excess gel polish before curing

Gel polish can become hard after you cure them under the UV lamp. Therefore, if you want to adjust or remove polish sticking to your fingers, you should do so before the curing process. The best aspect of OPI nail polish is that you can remove it easier than regular nail polish. Therefore, you should not hesitate to remove the excess polish by using a small brush dipped in acetone.

Use the UV lamp of the right size

The trick to having an impressive gel polish manicure is to ensure proper curing under the UV lamp. It is advisable to use a UV lamp of the right size. Smaller lamps can affect the curing process adversely. It is better to cure four fingers of a hand at one time. You can repeat the same with your other hand and finally take care of the thumbs.

Cover the color with a topcoat

If you aim for a glossy finish, it is imperative to cover the entire color with a topcoat. You should again avoid the cuticle and nail edges. On the other hand, a matter finish requires a lighter topcoat. A perfect topcoat application protects your nail from wear and tear and ensures that the manicure stays long.


These simple tips should help you master the art of gel polish manicure. However, you should not forget to keep your nails hydrated all the time. It adds to the nail’s overall health.